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Disease ⇒ Cognitive impairment {40000159}

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Cognitive impairment


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Shared Reference Notes

  • [1.1] [#Keto diet
    - Carbohydrate-restricted (ketogenic) diet potentiates CI induced by intermittent hypoxia in mice and alters the gut microbiota. - Depleting the microbiome reduces CI, whereas transplantation of the risk-associated microbiome or monocolonization with #Bilophila wadsworthia confers CI in mice fed a standard diet. - B. wadsworthia and the risk-associated microbiome disrupt hippocampal synaptic plasticity, neurogenesis, and gene expression. - The CI is associated with microbiome-dependent increases in intestinal interferon-gamma (IFNg)-producing Th1 cells. - Inhibiting Th1 cell development abrogates the adverse effects of both B. wadsworthia and environmental risk factors on CI.
  • [1.2
    - #Barnesiella was positively associated with the first principal component, DSST, and category fluency; - #Lachnospiraceae FCS020 group was positively associated with DSST. - #Sutterella was negatively associated with MoCA
  • [1.3] [#Antibiotic Therapy
    - Long-term antibiotic use in midlife is associated with small decreases in cognition assessed seven years later.
  • [1.4] [#Alzheimer’s disease, #Mild Cognitive Impairment] [#Mediterranean Ketogen Diet
    - Participants with MCI on the MMKD had lower levels of #GABA-producing microbes #Alistipes sp. CAG:514 and #GABA, and higher levels of #GABA-regulating microbes #Akkermansia muciniphila.
  • [#American Heart Association Diet] - the low-fat AHAD modulates key #Neurotransmitters, such as promoting #GABA production, in individuals with cognitive impairment. This dysregulation may be related to increases in #GABA-producing microbes, such as #Alistipes sp. CAG:514.
  • [1.5
    - #Butyrate administration to animals has shown protective effects against vascular #Dementia, cognitive impairment, and against metabolic risk factors for cognitive decline and #Dementia
  • [#Mild Cognitive Impairment] [#Bacteriophage] - higher abundance of #Lactobacillus phages (family #Siphoviridae of the order #Caudovirales positively associated with better cognitive function; and transplantation of these phages from humans to mice and Drosophila showed increased memory scores and upregulation of memory-involved brain genes.
  • [1.6] [#Mild Cognitive Impairment] [#Olive
    - participants who consumed a #Mediterranean diet supplemented with either EVOO or #Nuts had improved cognitive function compared with those that consumed a low-fat diet.
  • [#Olive] - increase in complexin 1, a presynaptic neuronal protein, and a notable decrease in tau oligomers in mice fed EVOO, resulting in enhanced short-term plasticity and memory.

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