Disease ⇒ HIV infection {40000212}

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HIV infection


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    - HIV-related shifts in the mucosal microbiome aren’t always mirrored in fecal samples from the same individual > a pronounced difference between the mucosal-associated and fecal-associated microbiomes, with only the former closely tied to accelerated biological #Aging.
  • - Specific bacterial genera, including #Catenibacterium, #Prevotellaceae, and #Enterobacteriaceae, enriched in PLWH > were strongly associated with accelerated biological #Aging. - These bacterial taxa can catabolize #Tryptophan and were correlated with elevated levels of the metabolic byproducts of #Tryptophan catabolism. Increased #Tryptophan catabolism leads to an accumulation of toxic metabolic byproducts such as #kynurenine and #Quinolinic acid. - These byproducts have been linked with adverse outcomes in chronic HIV infection
  • - #Quinolinic acid, a known neurotoxin and activator of the #N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) receptor, has been connected to neurological complications in HIV infection.

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