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Pyruvic acid

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  • [1.1] [#Allergy
    - #Cutibacterium > ferments hexoses > Embden–Meyerhof pathway > produce pyruvate > metabolized into propionate > reduce antigen presentation on dendritic cells as > GPR41-dependent modulation of hematopoiesis and affected allergic diseases in a mouse model
  • [1.2] [#Multiple Sclerosis
    - The #Phytate degradation pathway was over-represented in untreated MS, while pyruvate-producing carbohydrate metabolism pathways were significantly reduced.
  • [1.3
    - Degradation of #Cysteine to pyruvate produces hydrogen sulfate (H2S).
  • [1.4] [#Infants
    Infant > High abundances of #Lactate, pyruvate and #Formate reflect an immature microbiome since these metabolites are typically converted into other metabolites in the #Adult gut.
  • [#Infants] Infant > Weaning > increased #Lactate, Pyruvate, and #Formate
  • [1.5] [#Major depressive disorder
    - #Citrate was significantly decreased and pyruvate was significantly increased in individuals with MDD.
  • [1.6
    - #Parabacteroides distasonis and #Akkermansia muciniphila have the highest PS for producing #Propionate through the fermentation of pyruvate.
  • - #Enterococcus and #Lactobacillus had the highest PS for #Butyrate formation through the fermentation of pyruvate.
  • [1.7
    - high #Sugar conditions directly limit murine and human colonoid development, which is associated with a reduction in the expression of proliferative genes, ATP levels and the accumulation of pyruvate. - Treatment of colonoids to force pyruvate into the #Tauro-cholic acid cycle, restored their growth. - high #Sugar diet led to massive irreparable damage that was independent of the colonic microbiota and its metabolites. Analyses on crypt cells.
  • [1.8] [#Anorexia nervosa
    - The increase in #Putrescine levels in the long COVID phase may be an indicator of increased protein degradation to help fuel pyruvate metabolism.
  • - #Covid-19 > Increased level of the #Lactate/pyruvate ratio in class B patients is another important indicator of mitochondrial dysfunction. - The #Lactate/pyruvate ratio has been proposed as a marker for mitochondrial disorders since it indirectly reflects the NADH/NAD + redox state56, lipid metabolism (fat oxidation), and ATP generation.
  • [#Covid-19] - Increased plasma pyruvate levels could be both a consequence of glycolytic dysregulation and protein degradation.
  • [1.9] [#Cancer
    - tumor cells tend to utilize aerobic glycolysis to obtain energy and concomitantly produce a large amount of L-#Lactate. - tumor cells prefer aerobic glycolysis to obtain massive energy, where a large fraction of pyruvate produced by glycolysis is converted into #Lactate
  • [#Treponema medium] [#Hydrogen sulfide] - Complete utilization of #Taurine as electron acceptor in modified #Desulfovibrio liquid medium with electron donors #Lactate and pyruvate in excess resulted in production of nearly quantitative amounts of H2S and excess #Acetate

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