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  • [1.1] [#Clostridium difficile associated disease] [#Primary bile acids
    - #Bile Salt hydrolases (BSHs) comprise a diverse family of microbial enzymes that catalyse critical BA transformation. - Primary conjugated BAs synthesized in the liver, such as the tauro- and glycoconjugates of #Cholic acid (TCA, GCA), are deconjugated by BSHs to generate #Cholic acid (CA)
  • [#Clostridium difficile associated disease] [#Clostridioides difficile] - TCA acts as a germinant for C. difficile spores, whereas #Chenodeoxycholic acid (CDCA) can inhibit germination and growth
  • [1.2] [#Candida albicans
    - C. Albicans infection could be promoted by intestinal taurocholic acid (TCA) that weakens mucosal innate and adaptive immune responses
  • [1.3
    - high #Sugar conditions directly limit murine and human colonoid development, which is associated with a reduction in the expression of proliferative genes, ATP levels and the accumulation of #Pyruvate. - Treatment of colonoids to force #Pyruvate into the Tauro-cholic acid cycle, restored their growth. - high #Sugar diet led to massive irreparable damage that was independent of the colonic microbiota and its metabolites. Analyses on crypt cells.
  • [1.4
    - #Ammonia treatment on Caco-2 cells induced #Oxidative stress and mitochondrial dysfunction (e.g., reduced mitochondrial gene expression, reduction of TCA cycle intermediates, reduced mitochondrial membrane potential)

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