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Graves’ orbitopathy


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  • [1.1] [#Graves’ disease
    - when patients were hyperthyroid and TRAB positive, #Actinobacteria were significantly increased and Bacteroidetes significantly decreased in GD/GO compared with HC. - #Bacteroides displayed positive and negative correlations with TSH and FT4 respectively and was also significantly associated with #Smoking in GO, #Smoking is a risk factor for GO but not GD.
  • [#Graves’ disease] - presence of certain bacteria (#Clostridiales) at diagnosis correlated with the persistence of TRAB 200 + days after commencing anti-thyroid drug treatment.
  • [1.2] [#Prevotella copri
    - In patients with GO, who had high levels of TRAb, the abundance of the family #Prevotellaceae, and P. copri species, in particular, in the gut microbial community was correlated with TRAb levels.
  • [1.3
    - #Klebsiella pneumoniae was deemed the potentially pathogenic bacteria of GO, and its abundance was positively correlated with disease severity.

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