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Anti-inflammatory, Enhancing Gut integrity


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    - Urolithin A (UA) is a gut microbiome-derived natural compound that only 40% of people can naturally convert from dietary precursors at meaningful levels. - UA increases mitophagy and mitochondrial function and blunts excessive inflammatory responses. - UA increased biomarkers of mitochondrial function in preclinical models of #Aging and in healthy elderly people. - UA is a promising strategy to target health and disease conditions of #Aging, especially those linked to mitochondrial and muscle dysfunction.
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    - UA has also been shown to prevent hereditary or HFD-induced #Obesity by increasing energy expenditure mainly through promoting thermogenesis of brown adipose tissue (BAT) and browning of white adipose tissue (WAT)
  • - urolithin A (UA), a gut microbial metabolite of ellagic acid from certain fruits, walnuts, and wine, has been demonstrated to benefit host health, with the capability of reducing intestinal inflammation, repairing the intestinal barrier, and preventing colitis. - UA is closely related to mitochondrial function, that is, it is currently the only compound that can rebuild cellular recirculation of defective mitochondria, improving mitochondrial conditions in myocytes and muscle health.
  • [1.4
    - 3,8-Dihydroxy-urolithin (urolithin A), a metabolite of #Ellagic acid which is found in high levels in pomegranate, acts on the #AHR and nuclear factor erythroid 2–related factor 2 (NRF2) signalling pathways to upregulate the expression of TJs proteins and ameliorate #Colitis - urolithin A is an agonist of #AHR able to reduce the expression of inflammatory genes.
  • [1.5] [#Urolithins
    - #Eggerthellaceae family, is essential to produce the final urolithin metabolite isourolithin A
  • [1.6
    - Urolithin A (UA), a microbial metabolite generated from plant-based #Ellagic acid, could regulate the neutrophil myeloperoxidase defence mechanism
  • [#Otitis Media] [#Urolithins] - An oral supply of Urolithin A was shown to counteract myeloperoxidase activity and inflammation within the ear

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