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Alistipes indistinctus


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  • [1.1
    - Alistipes indistinctus was the most potent in consuming a wide variety of carbohydrates.
  • [#Diabetes Type 2] - Postprandial blood #Glucose levels were particularly reduced in mice administered with A. indistinctus, #Alistipes finegoldii and #Bacteroides thetaiotaomicron that were fed a high-fat diet. - Insulin tolerance tests also revealed that these strains ameliorated IR, most prominently by A. indistinctus administration. - A. indistinctus administration ameliorated body mass gain, ectopic triglyceride accumulation in the liver and #Glucose intolerance - Serum levels of HDL-C, adiponectin and, to a lesser extent, triglycerides, were also improved in mice that were treated with A. indistinctus. - carbohydrate oxidation was significantly reduced in mice that were treated with A. indistinctus, implying that carbohydrate use is limited. - A. indistinctus administration substantially altered caecal metabolites, characterized by a reduction in several carbohydrates including #Fructose, a lipogenic monosaccharide. - #Fructose was similarly reduced in the serum - The AUC of insulin tolerance test was positively correlated with the caecal monosaccharides #Fructose, #Glucose and #Mannose
  • [#Diabetes Type 2] - A. indistinctus administration improves lipid accumulation and thereby Insulin Resistance, while simultaneously reducing intestinal monosaccharide levels.
  • [1.2
    - decreased A. indistinctus was associated with enhanced risk of #Hyperuricemia.
  • [#Hyperuricemia] [#Uric acid] - #Hippuric acid functioned as the key microbial effector of A. indistinctus to lower UA.
  • [#Uric acid] - Replenishment of A. indistinctus and #Hippuric acid alleviated #Hyperuricemia via enhancing ABCG2-mediated intestinal UA excretion.
  • [#Hyperuricemia] [#Uric acid, #Urolithin A] - Alistipes indistinctus (A. indistinctus) was found to be a keystone bacterium for maintaining optimal UA > lower UA.
  • [1.3] [#Diabetes Type 2
    - #Bacteroidales — particularly Alistipes indistinctus — could metabolise the monosaccharides accumulated in the faeces of people with IR.
  • [#Diabetes Type 2] - Transfer of IS-associated bacteria (Alistipes indistinctus) reduced blood #Glucose and faecal monosaccharide levels, improved lipid accumulation and ameliorated IR.

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