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  • [1.1] [#Obesity
    - Maternal consumption of sweeteners > altered cecal microbial composition and metabolism of #Propionate/#Lactate in their offspring. - Offspring daily body weight gain, liver weight and body fat > correlate positively to the relative abundance of key microbes and enzymes involved in #Succinate/#Propionate production while negatively correlated to that of #Lactose degradation and #Lactate production. - The altered #Propionate/#Lactate production in the cecum of weanlings from aspartame and stevia consuming dams implicates an altered ratio of dietary carbohydrate digestion, mainly #Lactose, in the small intestine vs. microbial fermentation in the large intestine.
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  • [1.3] [#Non-nutritive Sweeteners
    - Notable oral microbiome alterations include changes in relative abundances of six Streptococcus species in the sucralose group , reduced relative abundance of Fusobacterium in the saccharin group, and reduced abundance of Porphyromonas and Prevotella nanceiensis in the aspartame group

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