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  • [1.1
    - Physical activity appears to favor the abundance of species associated with the development of metabolites required to maintain the integrity of the intestinal barrier, preventing pathogens from entering the circulation and causing chronic systemic inflammation.
  • [1.2] [#Sport
    - Physical activity is associated with reduced risks of #Colorectal cancer (CRC) incidence, recurrence and mortality. - exercise can modify the gut microbiota, and these changes are inverse to the changes seen with CRC. - exercise mediating changes promote the antitumorigenic characteristics of the gut microbiota.
  • [1.3] [#Faecalibacterium prausnitzii
    - in males with normal BMI, a stronger grip strength was associated with a higher relative abundance of #Faecalibacterium and F. prausnitzii compared with lower grip strength.
  • [#Obesity] - In normal but not overweight participants, high PA duration showed greater relative abundance of commensal taxa such as #Actinobacteria and #Proteobacteria phyla, as well as #Collinsella and #Prevotella genera.
  • [#Obesity] - In overweight > high PA duration > participants had a lower abundance of the #Oscillibacter genus.
  • - The impact of PA duration on the gut microbiome was BMI dependent.
  • [1.4
    - #Akkermansia muciniphila has been associated with a healthy intestinal microbiota and in known to increase in abundance in response to physical activity.
  • [1.5] [#Parkinson’s Disease
    - the relationship between #Oscillospiraceae UCG-005 and low level of physical activity (a risk factor of PD)
  • [1.6
    - The microbiome appeared to fundamentally influence the impact of exercise on the brain. - Intense physical activity stimulates numerous neurochemical responses in the brain, including a surge in #Dopamine release in the striatum > in the absence of the microbiome, this surge was severely diminished. - #Dopamine deficiency was indeed the cause for reduced exercise in microbiome-depleted animals. - restoring #Dopamine signaling fully restored their running ability

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