Negibacteria ⇒ Cyanobacteria {10001039}

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  • [1.1] [#fruit vegetable juice
    - Consumption of fruit/vegetable juice for 3 days followed by 14 days of habitual diet also reduced #Firmicutes and #Proteobacteria, with a significant increase in #Bacteroidetes and Cyanobacteria
  • [1.2] [#Alzheimer’s disease
    - A neurotoxic substance called #N-methylamino-L-alanine, generated by an intestinal bacterium called Cyanobacteria, disrupts the N-methyl-D-aspartate glutamate receptor and contributes to signal dysfunction in AD.
  • [1.3] [#Parkinson’s Disease
    - One of the novel OTUs (OTU_171) that we observed to be depleted in PD patients was from the family of #Melainabacteria of the phylum Cyanobacteria. - Free-living cyanobacteria are known to produce a range of neurotoxins, such as Anatoxin and Saxitoxin and the neurotoxin β-#N-methylamino-L-alanine (BMAA), which has been linked to neurodegenerative diseases

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