Lactobacillus ⇒ Lactobacillus oris {10002081}

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Lactobacillus oris


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    - lipid-lowering of probiotics and Lactobacillus oris may be associated with HMGR inhibition to suppress the synthesis of endogenous #Cholesterol; #Bile Acids reabsorption, and intestinal FXR-FGF15 signaling pathways promoting the #Cholesterol conversion into #Bile Acids secretion.
  • [#Metabolic associated fatty liver disease] - Lactobacillus oris treatment increased the expressions of both FXR and SREBP-2 in the liver of mice, suggesting that it might improve NAFLD through the FXR and SREBP pathways. - both intestine ASBT and liver CYP7A were reduced by Lactobacillus oris,

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