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  • [1.2] [#Bacteroides cellulosilyticus
    - For gene-sharing events detected in #Infants at the first sampling time point (0.5 months), B. cellulosilyticus was the main maternal donor species, consistent with its pronounced influence on infant gut microbiome structure.
  • [#Infants] - Maternal gut strains transmitted after the first 3 months of life included members of the genera #Eubacterium, #Roseburia, and #Blautia.
  • - Metabolites enriched in #Infants included carnitines, eicosanoids, glycerophosphocholines, and very long-chain fatty acids, whereas secondary bile acids, B vitamins, and medium-chain fatty acids were more abundant in mothers
  • [1.3] [#Cesarean section, #Human breast milk
    - In CS-born infants > reduced seeding of infant fecal microbiota by maternal fecal microbes, whereas colonization with breastmilk microbiota is increased when compared with vaginally born infants. - auxiliary routes of mother-to-infant microbial seeding, which may compensate for one another, ensuring that essential microbes/microbial functions are transferred irrespective of disrupted transmission routes.
  • [1.4] [#Allergy] [#Antibiotic Therapy, #Infants
    - Antibiotic exposure during #Pregnancy was associated with preschool #Asthma, wheezing, #Allergic rhinoconjunctivitis and any allergic disease in offspring up to age 3 years.
  • [#Infantile eczema] [#Antibiotic Therapy, #Infants] - maternal antibiotic use was not associated with food allergies, #Atopic Dermatitis, or eczema.

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