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Animal-based diet
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    - Animal-based diet could enrich the gut microbiome–encoding sulfite reductases and sulfite-reducing bacteria which generate hydrogen #Sulfide in sulfur metabolism, a harmful by-product that may induce DNA damage, disrupt the mucus bilayer, and promote inflammation and CRC.
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    - increased #Animal protein intake is associated with increased relative abundance of #Alistipes and #Bacteroides genera
  • [1.3] [#Animal fat consumption
    - animal-based diets (typically called a “Western” diet with high amounts of animal fat and protein, and processed carbohydrates) induce decreased levels of beneficial species within the #Firmicutes phyla and strains from the genus #Prevotella; while levels of bile-tolerant, inflammation-associated #Proteobacteria, such as #Bilophila, and #Bacteroides are increased

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