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Lab ⇒ Natural ear microbiota {40000558}

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Natural ear microbiota


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    - The microbiota of the ear canal is similar to that found on the skin. Therefore, #Corynebacterium, #Staphylococcus, and #Propionibacterium genera are prevalent taxa. - middle ear is actually colonized by Proteobacteria, #Actinobacteria, and #Firmicutes
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    - #Streptococcus salivarius (S. salivarius), a bacterial species which populates the mouth and gut in early neonatal developmentand which is commonly found in the respiratory tract, may have a beneficial influence on the ear microbiome. - The K12 strain of S. salivarius has specifically been recognized as a potential #Probiotic for treating #Otitis Media, due to the ability of this strain to target and suppress pathogenic bacteria in the ear.

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