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Ultraviolet Exposure
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  • [1.1] [#Cutibacterium acnes] [#Propionic acid
  • [1.2
    - The development of a tan is significantly associated with lower #Proteobacteria relative abundance immediately post-holiday (d1), with community structure recovering by 28 days post-holiday. - #Proteobacteria is a large phylum of Gram-negative bacteria commonly isolated from healthy human skin
  • - Ultraviolet radiation is known to directly damage skin lipids, proteins and DNA associated with carcinogenesis. - UVR affects bacterial groups differently, with Gram-positive organisms having greater protection from damage than Gram-negative organisms
  • [1.3] [#UV radiation
    - #Propionic acid reduced UVB (Ultraviolet B)-induced functioning melanocyte levels by inhibiting tyrosinase activity in vitro and in vivo

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