Kocuria ⇒ Penicillium {10001691}

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  • [1.1] [#Ulcerative Colitis
    - decreasing abundance of Penicillium from UC proctitis to extensive #Colitis, in which it virtually disappears > at species level (P. glandicola, P. roqueforti, P. citrinum, P. clavigerum, P. chrysogenum, and P. oxalicum) > an inverse correlation of Penicillium and disease extension is described in UC.
  • [#Inflamatory bowel disease]  - IBD > patients with complicated disease had significantly more Clavispora and less Penicillium abundance
  • [#Inflamatory bowel disease] - a wide range of Penicillium species (P glabrum, P clavigerum, P thomii, P oxalicum, and P catenatum) were significantly depleted in IBD patients with complicated disease, suggesting a potentially beneficial role

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