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    - A diet rich in salt (i.e. high salt diet, or HSD) for instance, can result in depletion of the gut bacteria #Lactobacillus spp., which results in T helper cell-mediated immune dysregulation and cognitive dysfunction. - A diet rich do not increase the serum concentration of proinflammatory molecules. - Adult male offspring from HSD-fed mice show hyperactivity, reduced sociability and increased repetitive behaviors
  • [1.2] [#Cancer
    - HSD increased the abundance of #Bifidobacterium and caused increased gut permeability leading to intratumor localization of #Bifidobacterium, which enhanced NK cell functions and tumor regression. - Intratumoral injections of #Bifidobacterium activated NK cells, which inhibited tumor growth.
  • [#Cancer] - High-salt diet (HSD) modulates effector and regulatory T cell functions and promotes tissue inflammation in autoimmune diseases. - HSD induces natural killer (NK) cell–mediated tumor immunity by inhibiting PD-1 expression while enhancing IFNγ and serum hippurate. - Salt enhanced tumor immunity when combined with a suboptimal dose of anti-PD1 antibody.
  • [1.3] [#Hypertension
    - Salt consumption decreased #Lactobacillus abundance, which was linked to increased T helper 17 cell numbers in murine small intestinal lamina propria lymphocytes and human peripheral blood lymphocytes, as well as higher blood pressure. - a high-salt diet reduced #Lactobacillus abundance, increased proinflammatory gene expression, and exacerbated #Colitis in two separate disease models

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