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Branched-chain fatty acids
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  • [1.1
    - branched-chain fatty acids (BCFAs) such as valine, leucine, and isoleucine) have been found in much lower amounts in rodent and human GI tracts
  • [1.2] [#Gastric bypass surgery
    - RYGB surgery > the fecal concentrations of two BCFAs—#Isobutyrate and #Isovalerate—increased after surgery
  • [#Secondary bile acids] - Roux-en-Y #Gastric bypass surgery (RYGB) > The changes in the fecal microbiome were linked to increased concentrations of branched-chain fatty acids and an overall decrease in secondary bile acid concentrations. - RYGB surgery also increased bile acid concentrations in plasma
  • [1.3
    - BCFAs have strong anti-inflammatory potential and may have a beneficial effect on insulin sensitivity in humans. - BCFAs can reduce the expression level of genes encoding proinflammatory proteins in a dose-dependent manner to play an anti-inflammatory role.

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