Microbiome & Chronic Diseases

Evidence Based Medicine

What is MetaBiom?

MetaBiom is an independent repository database collecting evidences of possible associations between Homobiome “Human Microbiome” and still incurable chronic diseases.

Our main mission is to provide all interested healthcare professionals particularly medical scientists an alternative way to look for new preventive, diagnostic and cure possibilities for such diseases. The usage of MetaBiom is free of charge for all users.

MetaBiom include following items:

  • Disease : Symptoms and conditions of chronic disorder associated to special Microbiome diversity, Metabolome or Factor.
  • Microbiome : Possible microbiomes which population size in relation to normal condition and their locations in the specific host could yield to specific disease conditions or symptoms. They might be defined as Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species and even Binomial name.
  • Metabolome : Metabolites used by Microbiome (prebiotic), Produced by Microbiome (postbiotic) or against Microbiome (antibiotic). It might result directly to specific disease progression or indirectly as adjuvant for other disease related mechanisms.
  • Factor : Agents, conditions that transform the absolute or relative abundance of Microbiome causing possible conditional disease or symptom variations.
  • Open access references : Shared linked Open access sources evidencing possible associations between Disease, Microbiome, Metabolome and Factor.



The following Terms and Conditions apply for use of MetaBiom :

Access to MetaBiom indicates your acceptance of the following Terms and Conditions which apply to all data obtained from MetaBiom independent of format and method of acquisition and are in effect as long as the user retains any of the data obtained from MetaBiom.

  • It is not the intention of MetaBiom to provide specific cure advices but rather to provide healthcare professionals, investigators and patient with information to better understand possible curing methods of specific disorders. MetaBiom will not substitute the consultation with a qualified physician for consultation, diagnosis and treatment.
  • Services and Data provided by MetaBiom are free of charge and provided globally for scientific purposes.
  • There is any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any information with respect to data contained in the MetaBiom, and, furthermore, assume no liability for any party's use, or the results of such use, of any part of the MetaBiom. MetaBiom is not responsible for any use, including, misuse of information accessible on MetaBiom website.
  • Data extracted from MetaBiom may be freely distributed and copied. However, In any publication or distribution of these data the source of the data should be attributed. Any modifications made to the content of the data, along with a complete description of the modifications should be stated.
  • Any data extracted from MetaBiom shall not be used for marketing or other promotional purposes.
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